We’re Hiring

September 29, 2017 Featured, Films, Hiring

Seventh Story is looking for a highly motivated, film loving production coordinator to join our team. Founded in 1998, Seventh Story is a full service production company, made up of artists, filmmakers and storytellers. If you have a love of filmmaking, are obsessive over tiny details, if you’re ready to grow your skills then let’s talk.

Send your resume and cover letter to pm@seventhstory.com

Project Coordinator:
-Works with Creative Lead and Post Production Manager to keep up with all videos to be completed, deadlines and assets needed.
-Maintains Project Board and makes sure others continue to fill in their hours.
-Content Creation: Assisting Video Producers/Artists with creation of creative material.
-Storage and Props. Keeping the storage space clean and organized. Arranging pick up and drop off of materials to storage.
-Assist with gathering and creation of needed assets. Researching, buying and creating of props.
-Assist with film permits and paperwork
-Attends shoots as needed to oversee craft services, catering, makeup, hair, teleprompting, wardrobe, liaison for young actors parents, puppeterying, drawing and art skills.
-Coordinates with interns: recruiting, interviews, comings and going.
-Coordinates with new hires: promote job, recruit and interview new hires.

-Dealing with clients.
-Communicates with actors and agency’s for auditions, booking talent, insuring they know locations.
-Runs and manages auditions.
-Assist with creating call sheets.
-Always has phone and maintains strong redundant communication with team.

Social Media & Web:
-Weekly updates of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for Seventh Story
-Take BTS photos or arrange for them.
-Grows catalog of behind the scenes photos for posting.
-Growing brand awareness through social media: encouraging hashtags and tag by actors, crew ect

-Face of the office: Greets guests at the door.
-Barista: keeps the office running on its necessary fuel.
-Keeper of office calendar: dates of shoots, deadlines and time off.
-Courier: Responsible for delivery/pick up of media to/from client.
-Maintain an eye on the schedule of Creative Lead. Arrange meetings and follow up.
-Attend meetings as necessary for note taking and contributions.
-Maintain office style and cleanliness.
-Planner of office parties and celebrations.
-Postal delivery for DVDs and returns Etc.
-Arranging cleaning crew and (if necessary) cleaning the office.

Necessary Traits:
-Positive Attitude
-Strong Work Ethic
-Able to work on faith based projects
-Understands Set Protocol
-Very Detailed Oriented
-Doesn’t let things fall through the cracks
-Returns text, emails and voicemails in timely manner
-Loves Filmmaking
-Kind and Tough