Welcome to the Jungle

June 11, 2009 Films

The Crew

So we shot miles away in the wild last week for a commercial on which we’re working.  We were off-roading, rock climbing, cave diving, hiking, biking, and 4-wheeling.  We started one morning on a boat with a jib skimming over a lake and ended it shooting aerials from a helicopter.  Just a typical shoot…

I’m pleased with the footage I’ve been seeing.  We went for a “Carnival Cruise” sorta look (you know the ones with the people out playing in the water and on land), though gave it a bit more of a rugged feel.

This photo was taken by Daniel Meigs who worked along side us, shooting stills for the print portion.  This was the crew photo which I thought was pretty outstanding. I was flying when this was taken but he “photoshopped” me in which was no easy task the way the light was changing every few minutes.