March 7, 2011 Films

This is part of the branding campaign for Threads, which is a college & young adult ministry for Lifeway. In our concept meeting, I recommended promoting the lifestyle of the people using Threads. Like those Xterra SUV commercials that show a man kayaking and using his SUV to get him there. Those commercials say less about their cars and more about the type of people who buy these trucks. We wanted to brand Threads in the same mannor.

We hired a group of actors and made them look fun to hang out with and put them in various moments of living. Amy Jacobs wrote some great copy and then we had our actors and models act like best friends. To take it one step further, we wanted it to appear they were doing life together over several seasons. It’s not easy wearing a t-shirt when it’s 30 degrees outside, but everyone toughed it out.