Take Flyte

April 13, 2011 Films

Another fun marketing piece, this one to get the word out about a new pre-teen product called Flyte. This video is unlike anything we’ve done before. It involves some awesome skateboarding stunts by Levi Sweat and a lot of stop motion, which takes a bit of patience to get right.

We took over The Sixth Avenue Skate Park at Rocketown for the day and brought in 30 some kids to ride the ramps and also stand very still. You might also note this video continues my obsession with using sparks. I snuck them in at the beginning.

This video has received a great reaction from my client, their managers and upper mangers. I get this email in reaction to the video.

“Again, I can’t believe how amazing the video is. I sent it out to some of our preteen market testers that I’ve been using with FLYTE and they responded resoundingly that it definitely makes them want to buy the curriculum…”

So that’s what we’re hoping for. Help create buzz and energy for Flyte, so that the people who can benefit from it can find it.