Steamy Love

October 27, 2009 Films

This video is little spicy. It deals with marriage events and our client asked for something that would encourage couples to want to attend. I really don’t care for conference videos that show people in chairs listening to a speaker.  No matter what you do they feel boring and hotel carpet always looks ugly green patternish.  We came up with this. It reminds me a little of a Viagra commercial. Majority of these people are not models but just there to tell this love story. Though it doesn’t show, you can imagine how they squirmed as I asked them to twirl, dance, hug and kiss. Awkward for them, but worth it for the results.

This was shot with our latest camera and I’m more than pleased with the look. Notice the clarity of the image or how in the night shots the lights turn to soft circles. That’s good Bokeh from great glass. All that means is a nice soft look. More tools to better tell the story.