Simple Life

November 4, 2009 Story

We were asked to adapt a short story into a screenplay and then produce the video that would be used within a teaching video lead by Lifeway President, Thom Rainer. Here we meet Samantha (Lilah Haley) whose job has overtaken her life. We used a documentary style approach to make these feel as real as possible and even went with camera techniques that would be used by a documentary film crew trying to keep up with their subjects. I like the shots when she’s packing her bags and carrying  boxes through the apartment with that old bathroom sink in the background, the depth of field when she’s on her computer and one hand is in focus and the other is not.  And love the hand held voyeur feel when the “brother” comes to the door. There is a crispness to the video that really make Lilah’s eyes pop.

From a story standpoint one of my favorite additions we did to the screenplay was how Samantha had missed out on this great weekend working in Louisville while her friends were together and one was meeting her future husband.

This apartment had recently been restored and the open spaces with many doors and loads of windows gave us some pretty pictures. Unfortunately the day we had to shoot, the air conditioning decided not to work and, as you can see, the sun bakes that little apartment.