September 22, 2010 Films

This Summer we shot some promotional material for Lifeway’s 2011 VBS. Our design on the video was to assists their audience get excited about the Big Apple Theme and help them glimpse its potential. We took a light hearted approach using the “Donnie” character that audience would recognize and tried to be entertaining while informing. The interior set were created back here in Nashville and in this video we just brush over them with other videos created to highlight the sets and even videos on how to build them.  The client wanted to emphasis how customizable the program was and so one of our favorites was using the New York Hotdog crazy condiments to illustrate that.

Once we have the interest of the local VBS directors, we give them tools to get their kids excited and build anticipation about the Big Apple Adventure. I was thinking there might be a disconnect with some smaller cities using a NYC theme, so I wanted to give them something else that was not to be missed! Something they were bringing in that would forever change their lives; the New York City Hot Dog came in handy yet again! Hopefully Donnie’s excitment will translate onto the kids watching and those hotdogs they actually eat can live up to the hype.

Two of my favorite parts of the video are the alien attack moment and then at the 11th hour we add an airplane in the background  pulling a banner. I love little touches and using FX like that.

Ok one more you can skim through. This video was made for leader recruitment. Again wanted something that was a bit oddball quirky that might actually be used. For some unknown reason coming up with excuses people might use for why they can’t volunteer seemed really easy for me ;)… I like the pairing of the sour puss and the overly excited guy. Favorite Line:  What if I don’t check?

All in all a pretty successful campaign that’s going to be going on for the next 9 months. We’re already talking about 2012. I’m thinking the kids would love an End Of The World Theme! No, that would be terrible… unless you John Cusack.