Fuel Ignited

April 17, 2009 Promotional

Fuel Ignited is a video resource for churches to use in Bible study with students ages 14-18. It’s like the cable channel that our new show “Coffeeteria” plays on.

We were asked to do the promotional video about the release of Fuel Ignited. The marketing team we worked with asked for EPIC.

Heartstopping, Ground Shaking, Pencil Breaking Epic! Unfortunately, the video footage with Fuel (Coffeeteria, Circle 8, GPH) plays more like the movie “Juno” which is not epic. Or heart stopping, ground shaking, maybe pencil breaking… So we decided to show pieces of the video but utilize a larger-than-life sound track and sound effects and animations that were constantly moving or growing. The results were well Epic-ish and we liked the challenge and fun while making this.

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