Danger Close Trailer

May 7, 2010 Films

First I need to warn you, this video contains some graphic violence.

Book trailers are typically 60-90 seconds and give you the plot of the story with words and a few pictures. We were asked to create a book trailer that would feel more like a film trailer and use live action elements to demonstrate the action described in it’s pages. The story deals with terrorist attacks and epic battles in the middle east. All the makings of a 100 million dollar Denzel Washington Movie.

We had about as much money as they would spend on coffee for the crew. I was excited about the challenge but it created a lot of obstacles to overcome. When funds are lacking we attempt to solve problems with creativity. The crew and I examined what we had at our disposal and what would echo the themes and tones of the Danger Close Novel. The trailer needed to create curiosity about the book, and show a hero who had risked his life for others.

We researched what terrorist dress like, specifically, how they wear their clothes, how they decorate their base of operations. (With all of my google searches I was pretty sure my IP Address was getting flagged by NSA.) Then we took a torn out floor in an office building and recreated something that resembles what we found. We were pleased with the end result and I’m told the author, Lieutenant General William Boykin is ready for us to start working on the film. So are we General.