Coffeeteria Continues

October 19, 2009 Films, Promotional

One of the continuing series we create is Coffeeteria. A teen comedy/drama that comes out once a quarter in four 8-10 minutes installments and packaged along with teaching outlines by Lifeway Christian Resource. It’s there to tell a story that brings up teaching points a Student Minister can use in a variety of venues. Now these could turn out to be cheesy, one dimensional, or preachy but our love of storytelling and filmmaking drives us to create something we’d want to watch. Striving for those “Ah-ha” moments where you look back and realize all that story telling actually had a point and get’s a room full of students talking.

Obviously these aren’t million dollar budget so the difficulty lies in creating small budget productions that keep up with what you see on TV. Pass or Fail on this though the bigger matter is story. Doesn’t matter how pretty the picture is if the story is dull or predictable then nothing else matters. Sorry didn’t mean to bring up Transformers 2 again. The other challenge is not getting the cart before the horse. Meaning we follow the themes from the teaching lesson and tell a story that teaches that. That can be tricky and so, with ever volume, we agonize over the story.

Anyway this is a trailer for Volume 2 and 3. If you like it, you can check out the website that surrounds the series It goes back and forth between being behind the scenes look at the series and about the fictional Coffeeteria workplace. Slightly confusing? Maybe, but we’re working on it.