March 26, 2010 Films

So 2010 started off with a chunk of work. In order to make our deadlines, production on Volume Four of Coffeeteria (Dramatic Series) began Saturday Jan 2. That meant working over Christmas break to finish the script, cast new parts, assign crew, nail down locations, and gather props. The Trailer you’re seeing above is actually for Volume Three Fuel Ignited which has just recently been released.

At the end of production, volume four went immediately into post, while Can Do Cameron (Kids Adventure Series) and Mystery News (Kids Mystery Series) went into production.  We’ve also just wraped up another piece that I’m very excited about, but can’t yet unveil. It required some action sequences and prop guns and represents the high production values we continue to strive for.

All in all, a busy start for the year, and we’re grateful for it.

Cast & Crew