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Show Hope

December 5, 2016 Commercial, Featured, Films

Show Hope came to us looking to solve a problem: how to share what Show Hope does in a concise, yet emotional and visually appealing way. Boy, did we underestimate how challenging it would be to find that middle ground!…

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Bridget Jones Baby

September 15, 2016 Commercial, Featured, Films

Bridget Jones's Baby comes out in theaters this Friday. Back in July, we were asked by Universal Studios to create material to promote the film along with our sister company FarmDog. We spent several days across two sound stages at Universal laughing…

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It Goes By Fast

When I presented this concept to Lifeway Kids to promote their new ETCH Conference, I said, "This says everything about your conference while saying nothing about it." Yesterday I received an email that said during a showing to a large crowd...…

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Coca-Cola Digital Summit

This summer we had the opportunity to create a promo spot for Coca-Cola. They wanted a video to highlight the uses of technology and phone apps by Hispanic families. The need for visual effects combined with excellent storytelling is what…

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March 20, 2015 Conversation, Event, Films

Seventh Story was able to work with Dr. Russell Moore on his new Onward project at the beautiful Bridge Building in downtown Nashville. Be sure to check out Dr. Moore's new book, Onward, available at and visit his website at…

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