July 25, 2013 Films

FAMILY: Never more in history can you be next to someone you know and yet be alone. We wanted to illustrate that isolated together feeling without it being several shots of people with headphones and on ipads. Using the time lapse of people was a good way to accomplish this and when made the shots of the family communicating feel that much more warm and together.

These Three Videos are part of the Bible Study for Life Campaign to illustrate each of their three promises. Designed to illustrate the point but also could be used on a Sunday morning by a Pastor.

COMMUNITY: The Giant Sequoia illustration came from Lifeway. The idea that trees grow better stronger in groups, illustrates the points perfectly. We used the images of trees in a circle and then recreated the image with people throughout.

DISCIPLESHIP: We are planners, we plan for the mundane, for the weather. We plan for the best and worst and yet we often don’t plan to know God more.