Living Proof With Beth Moore

November 19, 2009 Promotional

Living Proof Live with Beth Moore was one of our first event videos and it holds a special place with me.  Although I’m not a woman, I’ve always [confession] enjoyed going to these events.  Beth speaks with such intensity and conviction that it becomes difficult to know which parts to use in the video and which have to fall to the edit floor. I’ve found myself looking through footage and getting so caught up in what she’s saying that I forget that we’re editing.

Once I watched a event promo video with my wife and after she said, she wished she’d been able to go to that event. I realized that is the entire goal of any good promotional video. That’s the key reaction you’re seeking. So when we set out to make a video I ask myself what would make me “kill to go?”

This go around, we didn’t have the budget to actually shoot footage at one of the Living Proof Events. That sounds like a vast deterrent in promoting an ongoing event and I wasn’t keen on recycling footage from 3 years back, knowing the best stuff would have been used already. I knew there were several hundred recent photos available and requested copies of those and was also given a copy of one event’s live feed.  Going through the pictures we looked for what best tells the story of what happens at Living Proof. People marked by the weekend.  We used music that makes the events. We looked for both profound and humorous moments from Beth. When you watch this I’m hoping that somehow you find yourself hoping you can go to the next Living Proof Live.

Thanks to Rich Kalonick and his great photos.